I'm Mespeth, and I'm a 2D artist

I create drawings and illustrations, as well as concept art.
I'm specialized in both furry and humanoid creatures, if you are interested in commissioning me, check my TOS and prices in here

Frequently Asked Questions ○

Do you accept USD/CAD/Other?

  • My prices are in EURO, but you can pay me with any currency supported by PayPal. Once I send you the invoice, PayPal will automatically change the currency for you. Note that the price of the products may be different in your currency, I suggest using an online conversion site if you want to know how much it will be in your currency.

Where does "shop" lead to?

  • When you go to my shop section, you will see a button called “Storenvy”, an online shop where you can buy my physical merch from different fandoms and original work. You will find different items like stickers and art prints. I ship worldwide!

  • You will also see my bases currently available, you can purchase them without leaving my website!

How does the queue calendar work?

  • The queue button will lead you to my Trello page, which is an online calendar/task manager. There, you'll be able to see in how many commissions I'm working right now, in which states are they and check the progress of your own commission.

How long is my comission gonna take?

  • From a few days to a few weeks. It heavily depends on my schedule for that moment in time. Don't hestitate to ask me for a personalized quote on estimated time!

What programs/software do you use?

  • I mainly use Procreate and Photoshop for retouching

What tablet are you using?

  • Right now I use an Ipad Pro 2015 12,9'. I also have a Wacom Intuos 5 Large.

How long have you been drawing? / Did you study for it?

  • I've been drawing for more than 10 years! I've been self-teaching for most of my life, but recently I've studied the proffesional Illustrator studies in an art school.

My commisions are


Interested in commissioning me?


These are my awesome Patrons!

  • Aladar

  • No. 17 Billiard Ball

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You can contact me by any of my social media or by sending me an email with the form below